Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis - A Naturopathic Doctor’s Approach
Blake Myers, ND
Monday, March 06, 2017

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  1. Getting the Most Out of Direct Care in 2019
    30 Oct, 2018
    Getting the Most Out of Direct Care in 2019
    As someone who values the Direct Care model of medicine, you inherently value having a direct relationship with your doctor and keeping insurance use for its intended purpose: catastrophic or high level intervention.  You prefer a simple financial approach that gives you access to the care you need when you need it, and you enjoy the relaxed, healing atmosphere that comes with leaving behind the stuffy world of modern assembly-line medicine. 2019 is bringing with it some changes that may help
  2. Dr. Mendrey Receives Her Addiction Specialty Recognition
    04 Jan, 2018
    Dr. Mendrey Receives Her Addiction Specialty Recognition
    We all know how awesome Dr. Mendrey is.  And just when we thought she couldn't get any cooler, she goes and becomes an addiction medicine specialist.  Dr. Mendrey took her board examination in Addiction Medicine and received her certification in the late Spring of 2018.   This means that when it comes to issues surrounding substance abuse and dependency, she is a go-to for advice, guidance, and treatment.  As a witness to her work in this arena, I can attest to her skill and incredible
  3. Clinic Expansion
    28 Sep, 2017
    Clinic Expansion
    In January, Northshore Family Practice started providing the unique and very needed service of accelerated opiate detoxification through TCI, AKA The Coleman Institute.  This service is in such a demand and has been such a success for our patients that we are expanding the clinic.   Our clinic space is staying in the same building, only now, we will also be utilizing the space directly behind us as well.  Renovations are currently under way and we are very excited to have an open house in