Welcome to Northshore Family Practice
Northshore Family Practice is a unique clinic located in Bothell, WA. 

Accelerated Medical Detox:
We are a collaborative team of medical doctor and naturopathic doctor, offering accelerated medical detox and chemical dependence/addiction treatment.  We partner with The Coleman Institute (TCI) using a time tested protocol that not only accelerates the detox but eases the discomfort along the way.  We help those in need to successfully and safely detox from all opiates, benzos, and alcohol.  After detox, our patients leave on naltrexone therapy, which curbs physcial cravings and prevents relapse through opiate blockage.  We provide referrals for IOP, counseling, psychiatry, specialists, etc. as is necessary in order to ensure you are able to address the root causes of addiction and maintain your sobriety. Learn more about the accelerated detox here .

Chemical Dependency/Addiction Treatment:
For those not ready to detox, we provide Suboxone therapy.  We also offer ongoing naltrexone therapy through Vivitrol for alcohol and opiate addiction treatment.   Further information on our dependency treatment plan is here

Naturopathic Medicine:
Lastly, Northshore Family Practice provides naturopathic medicine.  Naturopathic medicine is aimed at addressing the root issues of illness and restoring health by restoring balance and strengething the system.  It is effective for managing and often resolving problems of any body system, including mental and emotional symptoms such as anxiety or depression.  Many of our patients find benefit in having naturopathic care after their detox and in their addiction rehabilitation because it addresses many of the issues that led to their substance use.  To learn more about naturopathic medicine, click here .