Typical Clinics Charge for Visits, Procedures, and Every Other Service They Provide......

We're Breaking the Rules

Our Direct Care Model

All Visits Included, Co-pay and Deductible Free

Procedures at No Extra Cost

Extended Visits


Reduced Healthcare Costs

Patient-Centric Care

Treatment Aimed at Healing and
Root Cause

Prevention & Wellness Focus

All for One Flat Monthly Fee


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Naturopathic Direct Care

Covering 80%+ of Your Healthcare Needs
for One Flat Monthly Fee

Why Direct Care? 
When you pay your doctor directly, all of the increased healthcare costs that come with using insurance for your care go away. 

For an affordable monthly fee, your doctor works directly for you and not an insurance company.  The fee covers your care for the year and instead of insurance bureaucracy, the focus is 100% on your health and providing excellent care.

You no longer have to worry about co-pays or deductibles.  The days of the 10 minute visit, long wait times to get an appointment, and a pill for a symptom are over.  Instead, you can experience personalized care and have a doctor on your team that is always available, whether you simply need to call with a question, improve a chronic health condition, or address a more urgent health issue. 

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1-12    $40 per month
13-19  $50 per month
20-24  $60 per month
25-29  $70 per month
30-39  $90 per month
40-49  $120 per month
50-59  $130 per month
60+      $140 per month

Visits Included (No Co-pay or Deductible)

Procedures Included

Electronic Visits (Video/Phone)

Medicinary Discount & Online Medicinary Access
(Supplements, Herbs, Injections, etc.)

Wholesale Labs

On-call Physician Available


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Direct Care For Employers

This page is coming soon! Until then, please call our office for more information on how we save employers money while providing top teir healthcare.