Blake Myers, ND

My Practice Approach and Philosophy

Healing is often a journey, and I believe in walking that path with my patients.  I practice medicine with a very individual approach. By taking the time to know my patients and understand their unique experiences and orientation to the world, I tailor a treatment approach that is both individualized and supportive to their lifestyle.  I believe deeply that having a strong doctor-patient relationship is essential to the success of my patients in meeting their health goals and healing from disease.  I bring to my patients an in depth knowledge of medicine based in both pathophysiology and constitutional approaches.  This allows me to implement a multi-level approach that gives a more holistic approach to health and healing.

What are my Clinical Interests?

Naturopathic Family Medicine

Chronic and Complex cases 

Mind-body medicine

Digestive Issues


When People Think They've Exhausted All the Options, Showing Them They've Only Scratched the Surface

What Therapeutic Tools Do I Use?



Botanical Medicine

Nature Cure


Hands-On Therapies

Behavioral and
Mind-Body Medicine



I grew up in a town of 8,000 in Southwest Iowa.  After high school, I went into the Army, where I served as a medic in a clinic and an emergency room.  That experience is what led me to want to be a physician.  While at Iowa State University after the Army, however, I became extremely disenchanted with the conventional medical system after witnessing very poor medicine being practiced on my grandparents.  I reflected on all of my medical experiences. These reflections created a fork in the road and led me on a search for something different. I wanted to understand how to practice medicine in a way that went far beyond basic symptom treatment and suppression.  I found what I was searching for in Naturopathic Medicince and Bastyr University, which I graduated from in 2014.
Aside from medicine, my passions primarily lie in the wonder and beauty of the outdoors, which is medicine all on it's own!  I enjoy rock climbing, fishing of all sorts, hiking, and anytime I can be at the ocean.  Doing these activities with my wife and doodle is how I love to live my life.  I also enjoy playing a variety of instruments like the guitar, piano, cello, mandolin, and any kind of percussion.  I have found that "jamming" with others creates an opportunity to tap into a conciousness which some people strive a lifetime to experience.   I enjoy listening to and seeing live music equally as much.  The other passion in my life must be cooking.  Whether it's first thing in the morning and I'm making kale and eggs with a bold cup of coffee, or I'm exploring how to prepare traditional Indian dishes, food experiences are central to my happiness.   I doubt if anything else in my life blends art and science and encompasses all of the senses more.  Except of course medicine!

"The human body alone is what truly manifests healing.  My goal is to support that innate healing capability, to facilitate a joyful existence, and cultivate freedom from disease." ~ Blake Myers, ND

Education & Training

2010 - 2014

New England School of Homeopathy

2013 - Present

Iowa State University of Science and Technology
B.S. Biology

2006 - 2010

US Army Medical Department & School
68W Combat Medic/Healthcare Specialist

2004 - 2006

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