Accelerated Opiate Detox

What is Accelerate Opiate Detox?

In the current opiate crisis, we more than ever need skilled practitioners who are dedicated to helping individuals get clean and then maintain their clean lifestyle.  Dr. Barb Mendrey, MD and Dr. Blake Myers, ND are passionate about this field of medicine.  Through accelerated detoxification, patients undergo specific naltrexone treatment in order to come out four days later off of opiates and prepared to begin a new life free of the power of these addictive drugs. 

Many of our patients choose to do the accelerate detox through The Coleman Institute, our partner in that practice, and then choose to join our practice to continue to address the underlying causes for their use, such as anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia.

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(Alcohol and Benzo Detox also Performed) 

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